24 7 Prepaid Debit Card - 24/7 prepaid debit card are thieves!!!

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I had over $1,000 in money transfers taken off of this card by people in the Phillipines. The real funny thing is, that I called customer service the night before because I was having trouble logging into my account.

Guess where their customer service call center is located? THE PHILLIPINES!! Guess who has access to my log in information? THEY DO!!!

They keep giving me the run around on how they can't reverse the charges even though it is OBVIOUSLY A CASE OF THEFT and won't let me speak to anyone in the USA even though it is an AMERICAN PREPAID CARD!!

VERRRRY SHADY and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the employees were all in on this. DO NOT TRUST 24/7 CARD!

Monetary Loss: $1000.



York, Pennsylvania, United States #708312

my girlfriend just used this card today .for the first time she used it for gas she got 39.00 in gas they took out 76.00 her car wont even hold 76 dollars .gas would have to be 6.00 a gallon but it was at 3.45 . these people are crooks DO NOT GET THERE CARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PLUS THEY CHARGED 4.00 MORE WHEN WE WENT TO CHICKEN FIL A .

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